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Employee Benefits Products and Administration

For more than 25 years, Beacon Benefits Group has been the source of expertise in benefits of all kinds for our wide range of clients.

Employee Benefits products include:

  • Health Insurance – Working with both local and national carriers, we find the most comprehensive health plans at the lowest cost for your company and employees.
  • Experts in Self-Funding – We design Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans through a variety of administrators to help employers realize deep savings by eliminating the fat in the insured plans of and HMO or insurance carrier.
  • Level-Funding Health Plans – This type of plan is a great first step in controlling costs and moving away from the expensive ties of traditional health insurance.
  • Dental Insurance – Whether insured or self-funded, we can design a rich dental plan for your employees at reasonable costs.
  • Group Disability and Life Plans – Protection for your employees and their families in the event of unexpected loss.
  • Voluntary Benefits – Allow employees to choose from a menu of personal benefits that are important to them to supplement their employer-sponsored plans. All provided at no cost to the employer.
  • Flexible Spending and other Reimbursement Accounts – Offer opportunities to reduce an employer’s tax burden, while providing modern savings vehicles for employees.
  • Legal Assistance – Help employees with protection from the unexpected, as well as preparing for the future with legal advice, documents, and templates.
  • Pet Insurance – Safeguards against untimely expenses for the other members of a family.
  • Identity Theft – Protects the security of their credit scores, as well as personal and financial information.
    Beacon Benefits Group is dedicated to helping you carefully design an employee benefits package that represents the best interests of your business and your employees. We help your business protect its bottom line while also helping you retain valued employees. Give us a call today.
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